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Secondary investment in best performing late stage private companies 

Liquidity for founders, executives & early investors 

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Secondary Capital (SC) was established by veteran Private Markets Investors, active in both primary and secondary transactions since the early 2000's.

SC is aligned to a fundamental shift that companies are staying private longer and need transitional capital to provide liquidity to early investors, founders and executives.  SC, as a direct secondary specialist, provides liquidity to shareholders (founders, executives, VC funds and other early investors) of late-stage and growth companies.

Through our proprietary Deal Engine, we constantly screen, pre-qualify and  pro-actively contact companies which meet our criteria from the portfolios of the best VC & growth funds. 

By combining our highly selective approach and dynamic execution, we give investors access to exclusive and proprietary investment opportunities into best performing late-stage tech and growth companies. Our deals have the following characteristics:

  • Backed by the best VC & growth funds​

  • Valued above $500M

  • High growth path >30% annually

  • Cash self sufficient

  • Exit time horizon within 3 years

  • Disruptive global tech companies


Liquidity providers

Founders & Executives 

​We understand the deep personal sacrifices associated with being an entrepreneur. We believe that entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to transform some of their paper wealth into cash before an exit.​

Providing liquidity solutions for stock option plans contributes to retaining and attracting the best talents by accelerating employees benefit schemes. ​We provide liquidity to founders and executives to realize a portion of their wealth, buy out former employees, or clean the cap table.​


Early investors

Companies take on average 10-12 years to get to an IPO or M&A. This journey is too long for most investors. Plus, angel investors and seed funds often meet their return goals well before the final exit. ​​

We provide liquidity to early investors in order to monetize and de-risk high performing and late-stage investments, accelerate distribution path to LPs, recycle cash into promising early-stage companies with superior upside, or address end of fund life constraints.​​

Our approach

Our approach

Management friendly

Our philosophy is to complete our deals in full transparency and agreement with management team and boards.

Efficient process 

Our process is lean and fast. We usually complete deals in 2-3 weeks upon confirmation of mutual interest.


We invest at any points of time between financing rounds.

Check size

We invest up to $15 million per company, possibly split across different stakes acquired at different points of time.

We do not disclose our investments publicly 

Confidentiality is a top priority for Secondary Capital and our investors.

We complete up to 10 investments per year.

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