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Bridging the liquidity gap

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

A team of Private Equity specialists who invests in best performing Unicorns and creates exclusive equity opportunities for sophisticated investors.

SC bridges the liquidity gap in private companies by enabling founders, employees and early investors to cash out before the final exit

Our value proposition:

For companies: clean-up their ‘cap table’ from ‘minority shareholders’ and non-exec. team members.

For founders & employees: secure all or part of their wealth & strengthen employee loyalty by offering liquidity solutions for stock option plans and thus accelerating employees benefit schemes.

For VCs & Business Angels: enable funds to monetize and de-risk high performing and late-stage investments, accelerate distribution path to LPs, recycle cash into promising early-stage companies with superior upside, or address end of fund life constraints.

SC’s investor profiles:

Family offices: Looking for direct and flexible private equity exposure in high profile companies

Private Equity professionals: Diversify their private equity exposure with shorter duration investments

Asset Managers: Willing to boost their portfolio with short term and dynamic investments Entrepreneurs: Affinity to innovative entrepreneurial success stories


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