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Direct Secondary Strategy

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A Private Equity firm specialised in the acquisition of founders, employees, and early investors’ shares.

Secondary Capital (SC) was established by veteran Private Markets investors, active in both primary and secondary transactions since the early 2000's.

​SC is aligned to a fundamental shift that companies are staying private longer and need transitional capital to provide liquidity to early investors, founders and executives. SC, as a direct secondary specialist, provides liquidity to shareholders (founders, executives, VC funds and other early investors) of late-stage and growth companies.

With our direct and pro-active Deal Engine, we constantly screen the best PE and VC funds and thus closely monitor thousands of companies backed by top-tier investors. Out of these companies, very few meet our selective investment criteria.

By combining our highly selective approach and dynamic execution, we give investors access to exclusive and proprietary investment opportunities into best performing late-stage tech and growth companies. Our deals have the following characteristics:​

  • Backed by the best VC & growth funds​

  • Valued above $500M

  • High growth path >30% annually

  • Cash self sufficient

  • Exit time horizon within 3 years


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