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Ogury expands in Latin America with a new office in Colombia

Ogury is strengthening its presence in LATAM with a new Colombian office. The company’s activities in the region will be led by Maria Alejandra Charris Mora, Sales Director based in Bogotá.

Ogury will provide the Colombian market with a future-proof technological solution to deliver outstanding performance whilst respecting user privacy, and many brands, agencies and publishers are already partnering with the company. “Ogury has been a strategic partner for us in mobile advertising since they first arrived in LATAM in 2019 with their Mexican office. Now, having Ogury in Colombia will allow us to continue growing hand-in-hand to give brands valuable audience insights, while respecting user privacy”, says Johanna Andrea Rozo, LATAM Regional Lead Precision+ at Publicis Media. “We’re working tirelessly to change the course of digital advertising,” added Freiman Machado, Partnership & Digital Trading Coordinator at Publicis Media. “Ogury’s technology helps us achieve superior performance by accurately engaging the right audience in a privacy-focused world. Our clients expect the best and, by working with Ogury, we always deliver.”

This expansion will be led by Maria Alejandra Charris Mora, who will be at the helm of Ogury’s business operations in Colombia and who will report to Jessica Jalife, Regional Senior Sales Director LATAM at Ogury. With over 10 years of experience in sales management for digital companies, Maria made the shift towards the mobile advertising ecosystem in 2015 by joining computer games company Gameloft. She then worked for advertising services company IMS Internet Media Services, where she managed various brands such as Yahoo and Electronic Arts. Most recently, Maria held sales leadership positions for digital advertising media and platforms such as WeAreContent, Futbol Sites and Grupo Prisa.

Ogury’s decision to open an office in Colombia was motivated by the presence of numerous brands’ regional hubs in the country, such as AB InBev, Procter & Gamble or Mondelez. What’s more, digital advertising spend in the country was estimated at $308.8 million in 2020, marking it as the fastest growing digital advertising market in Latin America, and is set to reach $524.6 million in 2024. As for mobile ad spend, it will amount to 92.8% of total digital investments by 2026.

“As we enter the era of ID-less and cookieless advertising, Ogury stands out as a pioneer in this regard and I’m very excited to join the company at such a pivotal time,” shared Maria Alejandra Charris Mora, Sales Director Colombia, Ogury. “The company leaders understood very early on that the rules were changing and created a technology that is mindful of consumers’ privacy, while still offering advertisers an extensive knowledge of their interests. I am confident that Ogury’s approach will make us the preferred advertising partner for Colombian advertisers.”

Source: Ogury


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